Saturday, August 6, 2011

To Forgive

So here is the chance to extend grace where it was not given, and I am so glad that we belong to God.  That we are safe.  That He is kind.  And that His goodness is all good.  For us.  For them. That He wants not what is just alright, but that He wants the very BEST for all His kids.  That He leads.  That as His lambs, we know His voice,and we follow His voice.  Oh, what a privilege!  To be holy instead of hot-headed.  That's what the Lord has done here.  So.  Thank You for that, kind Jesus.  And now, we just know that You are making a new way.  That we can trust You absolutely.  In all things.  In this.

In the pain that makes us great.

Like You.


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