Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Of a Monday Morning

The sun rising golden glory.
Four geese in the field.
A doe eating her breakfast while I drink my coffee, admiring her ears.
The little apple tree forming a heart in her leaves and branches.
Snow in the mountains.
Robins carrying bits of nest and worm.
Love letters.
Little Sister's professional payoff at the recital.
Working through the finances.
Calling boys to become men.
Prayer.  The privilege of prayer.
That Re is tucked into in her own bed even as I write this.
That no amount of distance can separate hearts that love each other and love Him.
Summer on Sarah's skin.  The Light and the Life in her eyes.
The family prayer circle.
Kissing her soft cheek and holding her head in my hands.
The quiet these days.
Letting go.
Soaking in The Word.
Young Believers.
A phone call from an old friend made new in Christ.  A gift.
The hard things.
Leaning harder into Him.
The grace to practice conflict.  To learn.
The Shoulder's shoulders.
Having him home.
Going to sleep with the sound of his breath.
Waking up holding hands somehow.
That we are together.

Thank You, Lord.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

All Quiet on the Western Front

Pretty quiet these days.
Pregnant with peace.
Feel like I should unbutton my pants.
But I'm not full like that.

You know me.
You know me, Jesus and…
It is enough.
Enough to be full of You.

Your eye is on the sparrow.
And though I can't see what You are doing,
I know, Jesus, that you see me.

Potter, Your hands make and mold all that I am now.
You are sculpting a surrendered soul.
The warmth of truth in Your hands,
Leaves me stock still in wonder.

And You bend over this one life here.
Thoughtful.  Careful.  Purposeful.
Gentle and warm and sure and shhhhh….
The Master is working.

In all this fat peace,