Tuesday, December 18, 2012

When You Really Need To Give Thanks


For Friends Who Pray.
For A Man Who Provides.
For Children Who LIVE!
For Jesus And The Cross.
For My Mama.
For My Siblings And My Dad.
For Hard Things.
For Getting Through Them.
For 'That Blue' Waving Beauty And Grace And Warmth Around My Neck.  Around My Heart.
For Love.
For The Opportunity To See A Doctor.
For Not Being Afraid.
For Ultimate.
For 212.
For Courtney.
For 'RE and T.
For My Sarah-girl.
For Finding Joy With Sheri.
For Worship.
For The Psalms.
For Words.
For Poetry.
For The Way I'm Created.
For The Way God Speaks.
For The Word.
For Life.
For Jesus Being The Light Of The World.


God With Us,


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

When You Weigh Too Much

I don't know why God made me thus.

Deep following deep.

I only know how it hurts.

When I am too much.

When all that I feel is too much.

And I see their faces close down.

Their arms coming out to hold me...

At A Distance.

"Keep your sorrow."

"Keep your suffering."

So I try to pack it all up.

Hold it in.


But I'm leaking everywhere now.


Not enough fingers to plug all the holes.

And all I know is that...

I weigh too much.

And He.

My Jesus.

The Man acquainted with sorrow.

Is the only strong Man.

Strong enough for me,