Tuesday, June 3, 2014

All Quiet on the Western Front

Pretty quiet these days.
Pregnant with peace.
Feel like I should unbutton my pants.
But I'm not full like that.

You know me.
You know me, Jesus and…
It is enough.
Enough to be full of You.

Your eye is on the sparrow.
And though I can't see what You are doing,
I know, Jesus, that you see me.

Potter, Your hands make and mold all that I am now.
You are sculpting a surrendered soul.
The warmth of truth in Your hands,
Leaves me stock still in wonder.

And You bend over this one life here.
Thoughtful.  Careful.  Purposeful.
Gentle and warm and sure and shhhhh….
The Master is working.

In all this fat peace,


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