Thursday, May 29, 2014


Knows what to do.

When you're splitting in half,
And your quills are standing on end.
When you don't want to be touched,
Because you are…untouchable, unreachable, unlovable.
And you sneer and snarl and…
Dare her to love you anyhow.

Knows what to do.

When you've lost yourself again,
And all you want to do is hit the road.
Run for your life,
Even though you know it means death.
When you can't stop choosing what you've always known,
Instead of the good stuff that she offers…her heart.

Knows what to do.

When the day comes thirty years later,
And you find yourself sitting cross-legged on the couch.
With kleenex piling up between your thighs,
Because you never got to say goodbye properly.
And you wonder how it can survive raw after all this time.
Grief has a long shelf life.

Knows what to do.

If you get stuck in the ditch,
And your life is leaking out all over the place?
When all of you is unsavory and unkind?
When you're just lost and don't even know the sound of your own voice?
When you feel like a failure?
When you've fallen?

Don't worry, now.


She knows what to do,


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