Tuesday, May 27, 2014

When Your Heart Leaves Home

When your daughter.

Your friend.

Moves away.

And takes your heart right along with her.

You keep your back straight.

Your mouth turned up.

And you walk her to her car.

The one with the GSUS plates.

The one with the bike mounted on the trunk.

You snap pictures.

As if you were at a birthday party.

As if your heart weren't coming apart on the inside.

When her brother takes her into his strong arms.

And weeps with out shame.

His love out loud for this woman.

This sister, mentor, friend.

Or when Little Sister flies to you.

Because the one who prayed her into the world.

Is driving away.


And you stand watching numb.

Wondering where the little girl in the pink "whim soup" went.

Where the girl at the top of the tree in her best dress went.

Where the laughing, singing, bossing little darling went and just.

Treasuring all these things in your heart.

Your heart…

Driving away like that,


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