Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Watchman's Wife

She keeps her phone by her bed at night when The Shoulders travels to Peru.
The same way I keep mine by my bed at night when The Watchman travels to Nevada.

The best place for us to talk is on our knees.
But we'll take the red chairs, the brown couch, and even the gross orange love seat.

I guess you could say our friendship has got some color now.
And not just in our matching rosy cheeks.

Are we on coffee this week or not?
And what are we practicing right now?

I tell her that I can't speak.
She says oh yes you can.

She has and holds my children's hearts.
I carry hers around in my mind, laboring for them in prayer.

She lifts me up to the Light of the Truth.
I can see better that way.

We hold hands and squeeze knees at church and…
Sometimes I have to pinch myself.

Because the Lord has been good to me.
Giving me a sister and a friend.

The Watchman's Wife.


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