Sunday, September 1, 2013

Auto-immune Disease

Oh, Lord...
Be glorified.
Be glorified in the Body of Christ.
Eaten away by auto-immune disease.
Who can relate?

Be glorified in my own physical body, Lord.
Eaten away by auto-immune disease.
And let me bring You glory, somehow.
In all the broken and fallen and hurting and humiliated.
And frustrated and tired and confused.
Lord, thank You that we can fall upon You.
Thank You that You never fall away.
And that...
You don't mind when we ask the same things over and over again.
Before we're even up out of our beds, and Lord...
Thank You that You understand.
That our brokenness doesn't shock or surprise You.
That even in Your grief, You understand the way we are made.
Dust of the earth.
Strengthen the Body to look for You in all things.
Help us to get our eyes off ourselves.
Lord, do a work here.
In the Body.

In me,



  1. Hi Bernadette,

    Nice to meet you. Your line "our brokenness doesn't shock or surprise you" is so good and true.

    Thanks for stopping by my post "Confessions of a Homeschooling mom." You are welcome to add away any confessions you'd like. :) I appreciate the freedom and unconditional love we have in Him. It's my foundation.

    Thanks for stopping in,
    Jennifer Dougan

  2. Oh, this is so, so beautiful Bernadette! Truly, all of us are like this, weak, with nothing to do but fall on Him over and over again! And He is so faithful - and never surprised! So amazing to think of the depths of His love for us! Thank you for sharing, friend!

  3. Hello, thank you for your similie very true...LORD GOD Almighty! Heal the auto-immune disease in YOUR Body, the CHURCH, and heal in the bodies who suffer from it, too...

  4. Stunning and true. As always, Friend. Because *you*, in Christ, are stunning and true. Even when it feels like you are nothing but a broken, bleeding mess. You teach me to cry out to the only One Who does not shun us in our ugliest days. Thank you for walking the hard road with me. I love you.