Saturday, March 14, 2015

Twenty-One Gun Salute- Day Eleven

Sound The Trumpets!

I want to touch their faces after all these days, and I want to blow a trumpet.

These who persevered to the ultimate end ought to be honored somehow.

The hard thing, even for a Christian, is that time does not stop in salute for those passing into glory.

Time is such an earthly, worldly, TIC -TOC that measures our lives, but counts for nothing to Christ.

He is outside of time, not frustrated at the lack of respectful observance, stillness, silence, hush.

I imagine millions of trumpets making the sound of glory when the twenty-one entered in.

Surely they were properly announced, but I doubt they cared.

I have to think they entered eternity the same way they left this world.

On their faces and crying the only Name that matters at such a time.



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