Monday, June 25, 2012

Thanks for Shoulders

For the Holy Road.
His hand in mine.
The way only a wife can erase that line carved deep: worry.
And how I can see the way he needs comfort.
Just a soft place to lay his head in the storm.
When he makes himself vulnerable like that.
Because even Shoulders sag sometimes.
The way God made it.
A man and his woman folding into each other.
Becoming one.
And just how the hard things make us.
Hold fast to each other.
To Christ.
To the Line.
When we're hanging by a thread.
He becomes the only thing that keeps us from cutting loose.
And floating out on the wide, unknown depth of the sea.
He is good.
Marriage is good.
The Shoulders becomes stronger still when he is weak.
And I???
I give him a place to sigh.
To cry.
To rest.

To Become,


1 comment:

  1. So beautiful! How wonderful that vulnerability and weakness only draw us closer to one another and teach us to rely upon His strength! Thank you for your beautiful, poetic words, and for sharing truth.