Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Invisible Life

Alphabetizing the Invisible:

Asking them to help, Arguing that t.v. is not an option, Angling for a productive summer.
Buying, Beautifying, Boring.
Cleaning, Cooking, Crafting help for the little one.
Doing the Drudgery...Dismally!
Frying, Fixing, Forcing.
Going, Groceries, Garbage out.
Healing a hurt Heart by...Hugging.
Incredible selfishness, Idolness, Impudence.
Job after Job after Job!
Killing when unKind to Kin.
Lying and Laziness and the Lectures that follow.
Mom!  Mom!  Mom!
No!  Not now!  Not ever!
Optional?  No.  Opportunistic?  Not now.  Obvious that your socks are on the floor?  Not ever.
Picking up again, planning meals again, promising play dates with friends.
Sometimes I want to Quit my job Quickly because it's making me Queazy.
Racing, Rushing, Remembering things I didn't do yesterday.
Smarting from all the Sassing.  Sagging!
Training, Teaching, Tired.
Undone, Unseen, Unappreciated.
Vice grip on steering wheel as Voices brag about muscles and proclaim their own Vanity.
Washing dishes, Washing laundry, Washing the boy's bathroom again.
Feeling eXceptionally sorry, eXtremely frustrated and eXtraordinarily "done."
Zoned out and with Zero patience here today at the Zoo.

The ABC's of the invisible life,



  1. Oh, so honest and so true! I'm not even a mother, but I've felt so many of these things just from being around my family, seen my own mother go through this. So much mess, yet beauty in the midst of it! Thank you for your honesty, and for this beautiful alliteration.

  2. Maybe a perfect tribute for Mother's Day? The realness of mothering in the trenches? Yes. It is hard, hard, hard. You are brave to lay out all the failing and the fumbling and you are wise--because you're laying it all out in the Light, giving Him the chance to breathe healing and hope even into the mind-numbing drudgery and frustration. Praying for you to feel Him close, strengthening you for the battle of raising little souls for Him. Much love, Dear One.