Sunday, November 18, 2012

If You Only Knew

I do cry a lot but, "If you only knew," and that's what I say as I lay my face in kleenex.  Telling the story.

I twist the brightly beaded rings on my fingers and focus my mind on the women in Tanzania, Africa who made them. As I turn them over and over again on my white (!) hands, I imagine strong black ones, and I am comforted.  I wonder what the hands are doing now, that strung these beads?   What are the struggles of a woman in Africa? I wonder what the life of a Massai woman is like, and if she would say to me, "If you only knew."  

The story tumbles out, and I am spent.  I study my rings with intimate fascination and think about Jesus.  I think about His hands too, PIERCED, and the disciples all scared, all hiding, all asking, "Why?"   And Jesus likely saying...

"If you only knew."



  1. I am thankful at time for the things I don't know. I wonder if God made the women of Africa stronger than me and my pampered life. I don't always know and I don't really need to ....God does.

  2. I am sorry, Dear One, for all the tears you've been crying lately. Know that I am holding you and yours up in prayer, late at night and early in the morning and every time you are on my heart. It's been a hard month of days here, too, but I am clinging to Him for dear life and trusting Him to hold you and care for you as only He can.