Saturday, April 6, 2013

Come, Lord Jesus

Are you weary?
Are you worn?
Shoes bare soled?
Soul bared?
Are you carrying the weight?
Of your lost hopes?
Are you?
Slumped in despair and finding it...
Impossible to live with out joy?
Finding it hard to just...
Get out of your bed?
Are you the living dead?

Remember now.

He loves you, and...
You are His darling one.
He will never leave you or forsake you.
You can trust Him, you abandoned hearts out there.
You can trust this Jesus.

He is Love, Friends.
His heart is for you.
We like to call it "ALL IN."
That's right.
Jesus is ALL IN for you.

His presence, the safest place on earth.
Holy sanctuary.
A heavenly place to find His dreams for you.
To discover His hopes for your life.
And to know...
He is the great resuscitating God.

Oh, Breath of Life...
Breathe on Your precious people tonight.
Revive their sagging souls, Oh God, and...

Come Quickly, Lord Jesus,


The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.  Job 33:4


  1. Come quickly, Lord.

    Thanks, Bernadette.


  2. Waiting for Him with you, Friend!

    Perhaps Today!


  3. The answer to all you questions is just YES. I am the worn and the weary and the bare souled and the walking dead. Hopes all crushed up into pieces and me just slumped here hurting and sad. YES. Thank you for speaking truth into me. I am trying desperately to believe that He has hopes and dreams for me and that they are more beautiful than any I've ever held for myself. Oh, Great Resuscitating God, come quickly!

  4. I was thinking of you as I wrote this. He is near. He is holding you together. Sometimes...the Lord takes our dreams away so He can give us others. Sometimes those dreams don't even resemble what we had in mind. (like writing a blog, for example) But...He does use them. I encourage you to write the depth of the darkness with out filtering for a while. Pour it all out to Him...ALL. I'm pretty sure He can handle it, and I know that He wants to hear from you. (I know I do, as well!) Just as you plunged your hand into the freezing depths to reach me and keep me from drowning, friend, I am reaching for you. Please write. It will help you find your way back into the light. We are made thus, and we must agree with the Savior that we are okay thus. Words. Help.
    You know that I love you. And I am so praying for you, my dear friend.
    With love now...and so much hope for you!!!

  5. PS
    I am proud of you for reaching. I do know the strength it takes to do just that. I love you for it, and it encourages my faith. Thank you so much.