Thursday, June 6, 2013

Abba Father

When He holds your life.
He holds your heart.

He whispers your name.
And He knows you through and through.

He sings to you in the Psalms.
He reminds you, daily, of His great love.

He says you are His.
He says, "Come and know Me."

He says, "Taste Me.  See Me."
And..."Know that I AM good."

He cradles you in His arms.
He lifts you high on His shoulders.

He takes all that is broken.
And He says...



1 comment:

  1. Yes, Friend. Listen to Him singing over you, cherishing you, loving you through and through. We break open and God pours out and a little bit of healing finds its way into a world in need. The breaking, it's not wasted, Friend. Not one bit of it. Did you ever read this poem I wrote a while back, "The Glory and the Grace"? Maybe you will find a bit of comfort there today for your weary heart:

    Love you. Always.