Monday, June 17, 2013

Thank You.

Thank You that grateful has been these easy breaths today.

The Shoulders sitting in the chair wearing shorts with his white socks pulled half way up his legs.

A violin in one room, and a cello in another.  Singing strings.

The playlist of hymns.



Her hands.  The sound of her voice.

Sitting in the sun with Re, and I think summer might be here?

Watching the kids in the pool.

Slowing dooooown.

Daniel sitting down in the grass by our lawn chairs and comfortably chatting.

Two boys with their first jobs and their conversation over dinner.

E.'s "double barreled" hot dog that makes me laugh like crazy.

Just those words from the woman who loved my kids so well and for so many years.

The way she reaches out sometimes still, and always...

At.  Just.  The.  Right.  Time.

Andrew's smile when Michael teases him about taking over his company.

Sarah-girl off to counsel at kids' camp.

A precious niece spending the night with her friend, and me wishing I could have watched her grow up.

All these kids and all their friends and all their laughter in my home.

A son in the hands of God.



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  1. Dear One...what joy and hope to find your list of thanks here this week. So grateful God is giving you moments of reprieve from the sorrow and struggle. May you breath deep His love for you and know that you are never alone.