Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In The Chrysalis

YOU are there in the rushing slam of the day, and You hide me.  Enclose me.  In Your arms I am cocooned and all is quiet.  I wonder at the impossibility that I should experience such a deep peace.  A fat, full, gorged- out peace, in all this-this chaotic cacophony of children.  Of husband.  Of homeschooling. Of dog and dirty floors.  It makes me spill laughter, gasping joy. 

I belong to the God of the impossible.  I truly belong.  Oh, God, finally!  I am accepted past bone to marrow and loved in all the in between spaces.  The empty places. You are in the emptiness that has been Bernadette for so long.  You fill me.  Heal me.  Call me. You call me Your Beloved, and at the sound of Your voice, all that is Egypt in me simply drowns at the bottom of the Red Sea.  The Selfish Sea.  The Prideful Sea.  And I drown too, Lord.  In You.  In Your love.  In being in love with You.

"My Beloved is mine and I am HIS."  Song of Solomon 2:16 and elsewhere. :)


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