Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Luke means Light

And he is with the eternal source of our light...Jesus.

O, the heavy, healing light of Jesus in His glory...that he would share Himself with me...

Baby Luke would have been 2 years old today had his birth been full term. 
I miss him and who he might have been. 

So, Jesus, please give him a tight squeeze from his Mama here on earth.

Here is a poem his Grandma Lou wrote for him:

For Luke
You are to us, an unsung song
A life so briefly given
You sprang up in our hearts dear one
And now you’ve gone to heaven.

You left this earth before you knew
The world and its demands.
We trust our God, with you dear Luke
And all that He has planned.

We long to know your special form
But now you’ve gone ahead.
From our own lives, eternal seed sown
Transplanted, grow with God instead

He will keep you through eternity
A treasure held, at heaven’s gate,
Tho now we grieve, one day we’ll meet
With love and hope, our hearts will wait

So, farewell for now, sweet Luke!

Grateful for the ways Jesus has healed my heart and lifted up my chin to see Him in all things.

You are beautiful, Lord.

I love you.



  1. Wow!Happy Birthday sweet Luke! We miss you and cannot wait to meet you!!!

    I Love You!

    Aunt Jami

  2. I couldn't go to bed with out reading when you said you had written about him. Luke. (Happy Birthday!) Thank you for sharing your heart and your journey to healing. Thank you for taking my hand and saying, "Come along!". Sitting here shaking my head. Still can't believe you would do that. That Jesus would give me someone who would. Amazing grace. Luke. Wild Roses and all. Love you. B.