Thursday, April 14, 2011


I had a date tonight.  Kind of unplanned.  We went to a movie, but first we had it out in the car.  I love that He waits for me.  That He thinks I'm worth the wait.  He doesn't take my thrashing personally, even though I'm pounding His very chest.  Do you ever do that?  Does it amaze you that I should thrash the One I love?  Just begging for a little wisdom?  Some insight?  Something GOOD?  Hating being bound to my stupid flesh because it doesn't get it?  Doesn't want to?

It's a good thing that you can really let it fly with Him because you know that He loves you.  Understands.  You.  He knows that, later, you're going to apologize for your language and for that ugly temper.  Repentance will be genuine.  His forgiveness even more so.  He knows your heart.  Wants it.  Really, He wants it all.  My heart.  Yours too.

So we sit together at the movies.  Me with Mr. Invisible.  He with Mrs. Broken going for broke in the popcorn.  Just asking Him for a dream that WORKS.  A spark.  Something Holy to hold me.  Down.

By the way, Soul Surfer was worth the time and the money.  I recommend seeing it with your kids or your best friend.

That's what I did tonight with Jesus,


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