Thursday, April 7, 2011

In The Bare Open

Spring singing.  Children laughing.  Souls leaning into God.

Andrew out in the mowed down, burned out corn field while Amy drills him on the Saint Crispian's Day speech.  He is crying.  She is determined.  I am praying.  I don't know who will come out the winner of this one, and it could destroy them both.  Help Amy to win, Lord!  Let Andrew be broken for once.  FOR ONCE!  Let him come to the mowed down, burned out place of his soul that can only be filled by You.  Jesus.  Reach down to make Him great, or sit down on him to crush all that is pride and hard necked stiff.

Give Amy, oh dear Amy, the strength to stand under his dark shadow.  Strengthen her NOW, dear God, to crack the nut.  It's not about the speech.  It's about his heart.  The unbroken, unbending, crust around the heart.  Do I not understand it?  How I do!  We think it a protective layer, but find, in TRUTH, that is suffocates the life.  All life.  And Jesus, I know that You are out to WIN.  To win US!  To win my son.  The stubborn one.  Oh, Amy.  Go, Amy, you dear hearted girl.  As determined as him?  I stand at the window and watch.  Pray.  My heart is out there in the corn field too.  With both of you.  So let Jesus be reckoned with here.  Now.  And may the empty place in my beloved son be filled with the Son.  May this be the day that running and digging and covering ends.  For Andrew.  For Me.  For ALL of us.


  1. This is amazing! Thank you for encouraging me! I needed it!


  2. So sweet...and gut wrenching!
    love you