Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Battle

Dragons hang red neon signs in the bare window of this soul. 
They blink on and off for everyone on the outside to see.
Inadequate.  Hypocrite.  Disqualified. 
Words that land hard. 
Hit their mark, and prick my heart. 
The soul on the inside. 
That's me. 
Tries to run for cover.
But all the windows to my life are open. 
All the lights are on. 
And there can be no hiding now. 
Not here.
Because I am not enough today.
Kitchen clean, laundry underway, grammar and history.
Music now, and I sit because I can't bear the burden.
Of all my plans to breathe and be.
Overcome by the crush of "to do."
And my spirit sinks low.
Satan says I do everything half ass with a big ass.
He cuts down deep and makes me cry.
His favorite. 
Blood and Tears.
And I'm so torn up today, he achieves both.
Ever have a day like this?
Lace in, feet, and run.
Fly away, sparrow.
And I do, you know.
Straight to the heart of my Father Who understands.
All my strangling insecurity.
To the arms of Jesus Who died so I don't have to live in torment anymore.
He hung.
So I don't have to.
I hide myself in the folds of His character.
Righteousness.  Holiness.  Power.  Protection.  Truth.
My Father is more than enough.
He is for me.
Though I may fall into canyon traps of lies.
Though my foot may get caught in the fowler's snare.
His righteous right hand upholds me.
Remember Isaiah 41:10?
Who can stand against GOD?

And who you messin' with now?


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