Monday, January 9, 2012

A Thanks

White orbed moon velcroed to velvet canvas sky.
The Shoulders holding my hand.
Holding little girl on my lap.
Kissing cheeks that still hold a pink sleep.
Loving that she still calls me Mommy.
Hugs from the boy, and prayers for him early in the morning.
Touching those two moles that I love so.
Marking him mine.
The Kind and Compassionate's work ethic.
The Strong Soft reigning as queen of the living room dance floor.
Soldier sons.
A blue sky.
The gym.
Bloody ax, bloody stump surrounded by chicken heads.
And the photo opp that makes them all smile.
Laugh at this life on a little farm, and The Shoulders taking those pictures in his underwear.    
A new read aloud.
Reading HIS book.
HIS love.



1 comment:

  1. Sounds wonderful.....all but the bloody axe part. Don't know how I got here today but I am glad I came by. Love your words.