Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Grace in the Moment

He is a boy late in reaching for manhood.
Today he's got these songs playing from Disney movies.
Crooked toothed smile and gums for a mile.
Eyelashes, velvet curtains opening and closing on wide open blue.
Over break he most enjoyed playing with an eight year old boy.
Chase with Nerf guns and capturing the girls.
Delight on his face. 
Excitement.  Intensity.  Suspense.
I watch and wonder...
If I've been too hard, too mean, too grace-less.
Too fearful.
That God can't handle this one.
Who drives me to my knees for his now and his future.
Here HE puts a serious mama with a fun loving boy.
And, boy, do we rub each other!
He plays a song for me with a reaching smile, and we laugh.
"Why do I have to live with my mom?"  Some of the lyrics.
We sing the grace of this moment, and our love for each other.

Still covering a multitude of sins,


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