Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Open Prayer...Join Me?

Jesus Christ, Son of God, Ruler of this one heart here, Sovereign King, Lover of all souls, bend down and hear our prayers today, Lord.

For the Lost.
For the Lonely.
For the chronically Ill.
For the Hurting.
For the Broken.
For the Captives.
For the demon Possessed.
For the Persecuted.
For the Missionary.
For the Children.
For the Children.
For the Children.
For the Soldiers fighting for freedom's sake.
For my son, Joshua.
For those Lost in a world of porn.
For the Addicted.
For the Enslaved.
For Anyone finding it difficult to know who they are in Christ.
For my Mama.
For my Dad.
For my Siblings and my Nieces and Nephews.
For your Families, Friends.
For the Seeds that have been planted for Christ these last two thousand years.
For the Kingdom of God.
For first born Sons.
For all Sons.
For Daughters.
For the crushed post-abortive Woman.
For the Fathers who aren't standing their post.
For the Church and her Future.
For the WORD going forth.
For Worshipers in Spirit and Truth.
For the Harvest.
For Freedom



1 comment:

  1. Those first six? They are me. Today. These last months. Maybe always. Thank you for prayers. And I see your heart slipped in here, too--the woman crushed by the past she can't forget. But He will rebuild. He will. Much love to you tonight.