Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Hiding Place

Sitting in sweat because I am afraid.
The terror of just
Blind trust.
She says I must rest.
But I don't know how.
When the only One I can trust is Jesus.
When my own heart is deceitful.
Full of deceit.
When iron sharpening iron hurts.
When I must hold on anyway.
Waiting on the results.
Waiting on the process.
Trusting the ultimate outcome.
And coming out of comfort zones.
Because we're not babies anymore.
And we've got to let go the Father's pant leg.
A whole hurting world out there.
That will never know love and grace and Jesus.
If we hide out in our prayer closets.
Hiding.  Fearful.  Terrified.
Instead of resting in Jesus.

Our Hiding Place,



  1. There's such truth in these words! It's hard to rest when we can't even trust ourselves, when it's so easy for our hearts to forget who we can trust. It's terrifying to face our fears and leave our comfort zones. But it's all so important. Thank you so much for these beautiful words, this wonderful reminder. I needed this this week. Praying for you, friend.

  2. Thank you for prayers. Hide yourself in Him, dear Mary!

  3. "When I must hold on anyway. Waiting on results. Waiting on the process. Trusting the ultimate outcome." You always have the words my heart can't quite speak. Hold on anyway. I am trying, trying, trying. Praying for you, Friend, and so so grateful for your hand in mine.