Monday, July 30, 2012

Thanks For...

For marriage.
For children.
For friends seeing you through.
For the sun and for summer.
For swim suit tans and flip flop lines across your feet.
For cherries.
For a son home from camp.
For prayers for a soldier.
For a soldier's letters home.
For your daughter's hand and heart in yours.
For laughing at how hard things are for us!
For getting through.
For words.
For the Word.
For the very dear love of Christ for the fallen down.
For the broken and terrified.
For the lost.
For His hand always reaching out to draw us back home.
Away from the brink.
Away from the stinking sty.
He is Why.

We give thanks.


1 comment:

  1. Such sweet joy to see my own blessings here, too--the sun and summer, the cherries, the tan lines on my feet! Yes, we are kindred spirits across the miles. Giving thanks for you right this minute.