Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Love Letter

Dear Jesus,

You fill my heart with songs of deep gratitude as You take my hand and draw me deeper still.  Through rings of fire and pits of woe.  Through anguish and trouble.  Through fear and the terror of night.  Through the shame that descends upon my heart like a heavy cloud.  Through the guilt that I have most often purchased for myself.  Through the panic and pain of iron sharpening iron.  Your hand is warm and strong.  Your rod and your staff are a comfort, Lord.

You groom me for wings and for freedom and for flight, and all that is within looks to the sky.  Waiting for You to ride in on that great white horse cloud.  My Hero.  My Rescuer.  My Prince.  Oh, Peace.  You are the Rock of my Salvation.  My Fortress.  My God in Whom I trust.  You are the very Lover of my soul, and my greatest joy is found in You.  You.  Alone.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

My soul waits,


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  1. This is so beautiful - and, oh, how I need these reminders! Thank you so much for sharing these words. I really did need this. "Come quickly". Yes.