Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Cry For Mercy

Words lie heavy beneath an ocean.
Water weight in tears.
And the deciding not to shed them.
Swallowing them down your sore throat and...
Putting on your big girl pants.
Pulling up on your boot straps.

Pain just leaking out everywhere anyhow and...
Not enough fingers to plug all the holes.

So you plunge your heart down into HIS.
Submerge yourself in the flow of His love, a...
Blood transfusion.
Cling hard to His promises.
Touch His robe.
Rub your cheek on His hem.
And cry the only cry you've ever really known.

"Jesus!  Son of David, have mercy on me!"

Have Mercy,


1 comment:

  1. "Pain just leaking out everywhere anyhow..." We think we can carry on, choose when to deal with our hurt, not be honest about all the aching--but the truth is that it always leaks out, in ways we don't always realize. For me, the way I get through is to finally run full force into Him and let everything come out. All the ugly and the pain and the tears and the "I don't understand's". And I hope that He'll make sense of it all because I can't. My way is not nearly as faith-filled as yours. You cling to Him--I pound the fists into His chest and pray that He won't leave me. But I guess we're both pleading for mercy in our own ways. Thank you for this.