Friday, July 8, 2011

Freedom Family

Freedom fellowship last night in our living room.  Living.  Circle of kids and these dear friends that color in family for me.  Cold compress in revival songs raising the roof with that joyful noise and all these bare legged kids sitting cross legged on the wood floor.  White Man Walking strums peace before his soles walk out the door again.  To Tanzania and its souls.  Hungry.  Kind and Compassionate bangs out power on the ca-hone.  Head bobbing the fast songs.  Resting between his knees during the slow.  When did my son learn to worship God?  Why this great privilege, Lord?  Your blessings are abundant.  My heart slows low.  And good.  And full of You.  Jesus.

And all that is left is to say thank You.  Thank You for this night, for all these kids building a throne of praise for You.  Thank you for the gift of worship.  The gift of  friends.  A new friend who belongs to us already somehow.  My family.



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