Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lake Tales: Thankful For...

Kids making shadow puppets on the tent canvas to hissing propane.
Their laughter.  Warming me.
Sipping camping coffee.  Drinking in sun rising, new mercies, on the water.
Daniel laughing hysterically at being slammed by waves on rough water.  Soaked to the funny bone and growing to full manhood in just the last six months.
Heart breaking pride and joy.  This boy.
Sarah's arms opened wide in the bow of the boat.
Golden fired lake in mountained cup, our boat, a floating lump of sugared sweetness.  Slow rest.
That dog and how all the kids love her so...
The Strong Soft's pony tailed water ski.
The lessons Jesus is teaching me.  Us.
The Beauties Asleep.  Full Red Lips Breathing Dreams.  Sun Freckled cheeks under the canopy of their dark lashes.
The Kind and Compassionate challenging Boy Blue to manhood.
Night cruise and the best place to dream those big dreams.  So deeply still.
Intimate times with the Lord.  Unhurried times.  In the Word.
His grace and the precious gift of rest.
The way my Shoulder's smiles at me.
His exuberance at skiing on one ski.
His challenge to me.  My acceptance.  Me getting up on the water.
Not giving up.
Years of fear...Oh, Lord, here we go!
Cauliflower Clouds.
Laying down on down.  Head still rocking on pillowed comfort.
Banana Grahams and more Banana Grahams
Missing One.  My Soldier Son.  Joshua.
Waking up at 2 AM to pray for him under lofty moon.  Sitting lake side in all that quiet wearing his sweatshirt.  Trying to feel close in the far away.
Happy Kids To Snack Extraordinaire.  "Mom, You are the BEST!"
Falling Asleep Holding Hands with the Husband of my Youth.
Him getting ice cream and wearing his shirt unbuttoned all week.
Still strong.  Still muscular.  Still the one I love.
Him reading to us at night.  Deep voice lulling my sun fired skin to more dreams.
Kitten curled up under his feet in the boat.  Sound asleep from the day's fun.
The healing warmth of the Son.
His love for this family.
Our love for Him.
That Box of Bibles on the Front Seat.
The Salvation that Rescues.  Saves.  And Holds.
Thank You for all this, Jesus.
For this place of family restored to relationship.
Outside all the dreaded rush.

For You,


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