Saturday, July 9, 2011

To A Bit Of Rest

Getting ready to pull out for that long awaited and much needed vacation.  I will find my Shoulders again there, and lose myself in his deep rest and the creases around his eyes when he smiles.   I'll meet my children where water drops drip down skin.  Sun kissed brown.  To hang like jellied diamonds off their eye lashes. 

The Lake.

Fired skin.  Cool water soothing every ruffled feather...making me laugh out loud.  Dog sitting at my feet, needing that touch.  Always.  Night cruise to the kids singing and dancing in the boat; the Shoulders and I smiling at each other.  This is peace for us.  Everyone engaged.  Everyone happy.  It's a rest. A respite from all this work and sweat,  tears and blood.  A blessing for all those nights tangled in sheets of prayers for all these children.  To see them so full of joy.

 To refresh and renew.  To build and to find.  To make s'mores and memories.

To the lake,


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