Thursday, May 26, 2011


Give me beauty, that I may draw Your breath.
Give me joy, to worship You with all that I am.
Peace, wrap me in Yourself and hold me straight up.
Jesus.  I need you here.
Close eyes.  Practice all the stillness of You.
On You.  Your face.  Your love.  Your promises.
Feel You coming in behind and reaching 'neath both my arms.
To hold me.  Hold me up,  Lord.
In the sinking,  rejoicing.
In the sorrow,  singing.
Because of You.
Because You are here.
Because You hear me.
I reach my arms now 'round Your neck.
Smother You with a thousand kisses.
My child like faith.
In this small moment.
Simply reaching.
For You.
My Father.
The One Who gave His Precious Son.
For me and for all this.
Thank You.
Eternal thanks.
Lover of my soul.
Redeemer and King.


1 comment:

  1. My sons often ask why we can't write Psalms. I tell them that we can, they just will never be included in The Bible. This reads like a Psalm to me. So sweet. Thanks for sharing. I found you over at Ann's. God bless.