Tuesday, May 31, 2011


 "Do you see what this means--- all these pioneers who blazed the way---all these veterans cheering us on?  It means we'd better get on with it.  Strip down, start running--- and never quit!"  Hebrews 12:1  MSG

Sometimes that great cloud seems kind of thin, doesn't it?  When our ankles are twisted in sin.  Swollen with pride.  Defeated.  Humiliated.  When we feel as if we have disqualified ourselves in all this living.  Choosing.  Scrambling.  Falling.  When we stop wearing the shoes of peace.  Ears so full of the devil that we can't hear.  God.  We want to sit down.  And.  Quit.

He stoops down to lace the shoes that hold our feet.  To the gospel.  To the cross.

And can't you hear the faint roar of the crowd in the stadium?  Aren't you so close to home now?  Can't you lift your feet a little bit longer...just your very own feet, and run?  Leaving nothing on the track?  Can't you just stretch your heart and your mind and your soul right down into your legs and fly over field and twig?  To home?  To Jesus?  Keeping your eyes on Him?  The ultimate prize?

Heart pounding out of your chest.  Breath coming hard and fast.  Sweat dripping into eyes, ears, shoes.  Come on now!  You can do this!  Let your feet pound ground of lies.  HE has qualified You, that means you can never be disqualified.  Run on that promise.  Uniform covered in His life blood.  The enemy of your soul can't take your place.  This is your race!  Run to Win!  Run to HIM!

Right along side,



  1. I clicked on the link at Ann's blog because your post was next to mine. Am glad I did. Enjoyed this. Just last week in our small group the topic of "things we think disqualify us" came up. A rich discussion!

  2. So fun to be connecting with all you gals who love words and are in love with The Word!