Monday, September 12, 2011


Just that voice on the other end of the line. Reaching across the nation like warm hands that wrap around this heart.  Giving me hope.  And strength.  And perspective.  And a plan.  Her prayers, the hands that lift my arms, and remind me to praise Him.  The One here with me in this dry and forever wilderness.  

Hadn't the Kind and Compassionate just told me so?  Hadn't he said, "Mom, the reason that we all feel lost and alone is because we lack true fellowship.  You need to call a friend.".

And so, your fourteen year old becomes much wiser than you, and it's okay.  It's okay, I guess, that your children see you flailing about.  Trying to get your feet down.  On the ground.  Wrestling with God.  Wanting a giant piece of Him.  Not satisfied with being a Christian another day.  No.  I want CHRIST!   I want to bury myself in the folds of His cloak.  Cling to Him with all my life.  Hold His dear face in my hands and cover His cheeks with a thousand kisses.  Tell Him thank You.  That I love Him.  Even as I pound His chest.



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