Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oh, Ancient Of Days!

Ever have a day where you feel...ancient?  All the world pulling hard on your body, your skin, your heart and your soul?  Ever go a day, a whole, wasted day with out really pulling a chair up beside HIM?  Ever feel like you're so covered in the dust of living that you're never gonna get clean?  Never wash up?  Then, when you want to put it all down for the evening, you can't close an eye until HIS have been all yours?  Even just for a second? 

And isn't it good that we can come?  Just like this?  Covered in the sweat and the dung of the day?  Just to sit with HIM and breathe and be?  Breathe and Be?  Breathe and Be?  Just to listen to the beat of HIS heart and know that it's okay?  That HE's got us?  That HE loves us?  That HE understands?  Us?

And isn't HE kind to listen to it all, and isn't HE good, and isn't it great that HE gets us and that HE's God?

Isn't it wonderful that we're not?


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