Thursday, November 3, 2011

Drawing in the Body

We sit together, drawn up chairs, drawn up legs in stocking feet, sipping down tea and drawing comfort.  Drawing on each other's strengths and being okay with Eeyore.  Two melancholics, and we laugh this hopeful trust.  Pooh loves anyway, and she smiles us comfortable.  Helps us find our skin and relax in who we are.  Her love is antibiotic ointment on infected thinking.  She bandages the word cuts that we still carry, and wraps us tight in grace.  We just want to be near her.  She helps us find what is real, and our conversation always goes to Jesus, this God-Man we crave.  Our feet begin to find solid ground as we travel this new road.  Being family together.  Doing life.  Together.  Finding out what it means to belong to the body of Christ.  The Body.  And it can only really be done by doing life together, and by praying.  Reading Bonhoeffer, and he quotes, "Where a people prays, there is the church, and where the church is, there is never loneliness."
We press our faces right into the breath of Christ, and inhale Him.  Getting all that we can of each other and His life in us.  The light of life in all men.  The only hope in all the world.

The Strength we draw,


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