Tuesday, November 8, 2011



My dad's voice on the other end of the line.
Pictures of a sweet little girl all the way in Florida.
Kids laughing and chasing.
A good dinner that makes The Kind and Compassionate feel loved.
Working through an argument.
Reading aloud to kids at home.
Peppermint hot chocolate and the things that make them smile.
Trusting Jesus to be my husband when the Shoulders just can't.
Little sister's family picture.
Her words to me.
Getting through the hard stuff.
A blue sky.
State Maps and World Maps.
Good books.
My Bible.
Antibiotics for sinus infection.
A day off school just to clean this house!
Praying, on my knees, for my soldier son.
A good talk with a friend on the phone about...homeschooling.
The help that words give this heart here.
Our blessed hope...Jesus is coming again soon!
The StrongSoft chasing after God.
The example she sets for little one.
Reading her Bible in the morning and at night, and the Kitten telling everyone about it.
Reaching out to a hurting friend.
Pursuing love.
Craving Jesus.
Laying more and more and more of this little life down.
Crown's on the ground.
That sounds good.


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  1. this is so beautiful - I'm logging my gratitude journal online finally - love love "laying more and more of this life down" & I would love to know the name of your soldier son so I can join you in prayer for him! yes- I love "brave warrior" girls :)