Sunday, November 6, 2011


How can you do this when you've fallen down hard? When you've given in to your flesh, and you're just feeling...sore?  How can the Lord ask you to come this way?  All just broken and ugly, and how can you write words that build up when you are torn.  Torn down.  Then what?  Then you come again to these awful keys and let the whole world float colored kayaks down rivers at the bottom of your canyon carved heart.  Holy Erosion.  God is scary that way.

You want to write about all that is good, but gracious, you can hardly draw a breath because you feel it all so much, so deep, so hard that it crushes the very walls of who you are.  You slough off.  So slowly.  So painfully at times.  Scales coming off the dragon woman. 
God is uncomfortable that way.

You cling to Him, and that promise that He's going to finish the job.  You trust that even in the ugly places, the with-out grace spaces, He will lift your head.  He will bend down just to lift you up. Yep.  And with His very own hands.

God is good that way,


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  1. Great post! I really love your writing style. Please keep writing.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I have been a little distracted lately and haven't written much but I will get back to it soon. Thanks for you encouragement.