Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Silent Deep

The Silent Deep home for Thanksgiving, and our family is full and fat with joy in his presence. He lays his hand on my shoulder and speaks words with out them.  Watching over me.  Reassuring me.  He is this great source of comfort and peace, and he is tender with his mama.  With me.  And it makes me cry because his love is sometimes hard to take.  So pure and so powerful.  Does he know?

The Kitten puts on her silver dress and pins a silver Christmas bow in her hair for him.  The anticipation is too much, and she cries in my lap as she waits.  Afraid he won't notice.  And all comforted when he holds her and lets her rest her head under his chin.  Does he know the impact he has on her heart?

The Boy gets his first deer and says, "I CAN'T WAIT TO TELL JOSHUA!"  How he wants his approval and love.  How a word from the Silent Deep can mark the lives of both his brothers forever, and I wonder...does he know?

The Strong Soft opens like a flower.  The Silent Deep is water to her parched heart, and I am grateful that he provides a respite from desert living for her.  All this laughter.   So good for our souls.  And this man such a needed link in our family chain.  But does he know?

We circle 'round my husband, and lay our hands on him in prayer.  The first born Silent Deep opens the well of his soul, and prays for his dad.  Praises him.  The Shoulders wipes tears.  A son that honors his father is a powerful force on the earth, and our hearts bend under it's great weight.  When does your son become your hero?  And does he know?

Does he know how we miss him?  How we fly these flags of hope for his future?  Does he know that the hearts of his parents beat prayers for him?  Breathe prayers?  And that his life is an honor to us?  That knowing him and loving him are gifts? 

Does he know?  

Jesus.  We depend on You to hold our young men to Your chest.  Out of the swaddling clothes and on into You, Lord.  Be all that wind beneath those great big wings.


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