Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Press On!

Sitting alone.
Closing eyes on all that is quiet.
And listening for His still small voice.
Breath of life on us.
Broken lives, broken hearts, broken people.
We wait.
For Jesus to speak.
Open those precious pages.
Read our Bibles.
Training our ears to hear.
Pressing these worn out lives right to His heart.
And straining on into the finish line.
Running on the endurance He has built in us.
The disciplined.
The disciples.
We who know what lies at the end.
We who have no fear.
Rather, we strain to break the winner's tape.
And rejoice!
At a job well done.
All our lives lived to hear him say,
"Well done, good and  faithful servant."
This, from the ulitmate Servant.
Such high praise from His lips.
And can I encourage you weary runners today?

Press on!



  1. HI! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and I am so glad my post could encourage you. I just read through some of your recent posts and you too have encouraged me. So nice to meet a fellow sister! Hugs

  2. Beautiful Bernadette! Press on, indeed! Blessings ~ jen