Monday, February 13, 2012

Focus On Thanks

Knowing the One I love, loves me.
His prayers for us.
A Father Who is good.
The very love of Christ.
The blood shed for a new project.
Him saying, "You must listen to MY voice only."
Getting re-organized.
Re-oriented so that we can always be face to face.
Thanks even for a difficult weekend with this household full of kids.
And yes...even for yet another fund raiser.
Praying for wisdom.
Trusting God to answer.
In ways everlasting.
Just that I get to think about Wendy.
And new life being built inside her by God.
Close my eyes so I can be still for a moment with Him.
Learning to focus.
Breathe and focus.
Breathe and focus.



1 comment:

  1. Giving thanks with you for all His gifts, pieces of His love scattered right across your path. Especially this one--"Knowing the One I love, loves me." Yes. YES. May you know it in the deep-down soul kind of way today.