Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nothing But The Blood of Jesus

This family goes down on its knees after supper.
For our fallen soldier.
Our son and brother.
Our friend.
A fellow laborer in Christ.
The weight of his cross.
And what it is costing him.
Causing him to bend and break.

We circle close on our knees.
This is submission.
When your mama's heart wants to get in the car and drive to him.
Rescue him.
Make it better.
Make it better, God.

Instead you lay it down.
Cross pile your cares.
On a God Who promises...
That He cares.

Our flesh burns hot.
As He holds our feet to the fire.
And we build a throne right there in the school room.
Strewn with paper and paint stains on the carpet.
Black splotches that I feel.
Real on my skin.

Everything black now.  Everything but the blood red pouring of grace on our little circle here tonight as we whisper that Name.  Our only help in these times of trouble.




  1. My heart's aching for whatever grief your family is bearing up under. Beautiful, wrenching imagery here--too many lines I love to list. But this idea of building a throne right there on the carpet of the everyday life, making a place for God to come and rescue and heal and hold together--so powerful and true. May this stripping away leave you rooted deep in the only One who can carry the weight of all our burdens. Praying.

  2. Bernadette, the imagery your words invoke are both beautiful and sad - I love them and hate them - the imagery of falling at the feet of our Lord and Savior of laying our burdens down for him is beautiful - yet there is so much pain here that I hurt for you and yours - I know God carries you but I want you to know that your Christian sister is stopping right now in this moment to lift you up to the God who loves you!!! right now-

  3. Oh, girls...your prayers are dear to me, and I thank you. Thankful for your hearts, and for Jesus being willing to give me the grace to trust Him more. He's so cool that way. are a brave warrior. Rock on Girl!