Saturday, February 18, 2012


The kids like to gang up on me a bit.
Tickle me there under...
Which chin?
Because children need to hear their mamas laugh.
And we are going at it tonight.
All this joy filling the kitchen.
With siblings who are loving...
I wonder if someone somewhere is praying for us just now?
This magical moment when they are all happy.
In all the busy-ness and in all the business of life.
Hearts really do get crushed.
And it becomes hard to tip your head back and just...



1 comment:

  1. I noticed it was quiet on your blog for a few days and hoped it was not for hard reasons (it's been quiet on my blog, too--a little bit from the hard and a little bit from just plain old tired ;o). Love this sweet word picture of you and your children laughing together--because sometimes laughter really is medicine for the soul, a salve for the crushed heart. Keep on tipping that head back, Friend, and laughing with all you're strength. Even--and especially--on the hard days.