Monday, February 27, 2012

Gratitude for Friends

They come bearing the marks of Jesus on their lives and in their smiles.  He has just returned from Tanzania, Africa, and she has been laboring for the Lord here in the States.  Apart.  Not apart.  For seven long months.

At our heart's cry, they cut their rest time to visit us.  To bring the breath of heaven, and to walk alongside. hold our scarred hands.  I'm so worn I can hardly hold my head up, but they are comfortable, and there is no performance here.  No pretending.  No hiding under fig leaves of falsehood.  We sit around the table.  All of us worn and weary.  Drawing strength from each other, and the One Who dwells so richly within us.  I feel my heart flutter and spark.

These friends who have shown us how to live.  How to live UNCOVERED.  They have walked with Jesus, and we have shamelessly watched them.  Modeled them like children model their older siblings.  This is the way you walk, little ones.  This is the way you talk.  Here are some books to read, and here is a way to pray.  We have nodded these heads and taken steps of our own.

As the Shoulders gathers his family around table again tonight to study Jesus.  To read His Words to us, and to dive deeper.  To dwell with Christ.  I am boastful in my spirit about the work of the Spirit in his life, and in the life of this family.  The children reach their hands out for this good food, and they are filled.

It was a hard week.  I am grateful.

For these two selfless friends, and for tonight's family gathering around the table of the King.  I think about them and all that we have learned just by watching, and I know that tonight would not likely be so with out them.  The deep pouring out.  How so much of what our family does is a result of their planting seeds in the soil of home.  How our family is more of a family than ever it has been because of their friendship and love.

How...because of the imprints their lives have left on ours, we look forward to Resurrection Sunday.  We begin to plan and prepare.  Because of Jesus in the surrendered hearts of S. and K., we long to usher in the King.

Hosanna to God in the Highest!


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  1. So grateful He is sending you comforters--the skin-clothed kind--in your time of grieving. He is so gracious to us, letting us see Him in those who follow Him, teaching us the daily cross-life through the ones who've gone before. May God's presence be more real to you than ever before as you walk this road. Please let me know if I can pray for you more specifically. My email is on the blog under the "contact" tab at the top. Grace to you tonight, Friend.