Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A God Like You

John 6:66-68
From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.  
"You do not want to leave too do you?" Jesus asked the Twelve.  
Simon Peter answered Him, 
"Lord, to whom shall we go?"

To whom shall we go?
When we're tired of trying to find the answers on our own?
When our health won't get in line and the doctor's scratch their heads?
And when we knit skeins of blue and feel as if God has forgotten us?

To whom shall we go?
When children aren't safe from the evils of the world?
When they cry broken in the night?
And when they smother tears in the day going hungry for love?

To whom shall we go?
When our bodies don't look like theirs?
When everything sags our hearts?
And when the weight of the world ends up on our face?

To whom shall we go?
When we love a God Who is sovereign?
When He allows thorns that pierce clean through?
And when we live with scars?

To whom shall we go?
When He gives the enemy a green light?
When He says that He will use all things for our good?
And when those things make our hearts howl?  What then?

To Whom shall we go?
When we love a God Who makes us cry?
When we love a God Who goes quiet sometimes?
And when we bend our knees even so?  Even so?

Lord, to Whom shall we go?
When we want to be somebody else?
When You say Your grace is sufficient?
And when the only safe place is in the arms of a God like You?  The only safe place?

A God like You.



  1. This is great! I love the line about the weight of the world on our face. As I age this becomes more and more real to me. Great writing....again.

  2. Incredible post! Truly, who else can we go to? Such truth and honesty here, taking the good and the bad, running to Him through it all. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Glad you are running with me, Mary! Let's run our race to win, yes?

  3. I never caught those words of Peter before. But how true it is! I guess that's why it's so devastating to feel abandoned by God--because we know there's no one else who can deliver us, that He is our only hope. Thank you for writing me into your words here. Yes, to whom shall I go? You are pointing me back to the Only One Who can save me. You are pointing me to Hope. I love you, Friend. More than I can say.

    1. So grateful that we bear one another's burdens, my Courtney, and that all of life is lighter when you come into the room. Love you back. So much more than words.