Friday, September 28, 2012


When you can't make yourself go to bed.
Because you're alive and you're in love.

When you feel warm and well and held.
Because you sit close to the feet of Jesus.

When you wrap your arms around His shin.
Because you don't want Him to make a move with out you.

When you rest your head right there on His knee.
Because He is your cradle.

When you are full and fat with peace.
Because His love is here and now.

When you want to do something to please Him.
Because it pleased Him to die for you.

When you want to cup His face in your hands.
Because He paid your ransom.

When your name is written in broken calligraphy.
Because His scars read like the inside of a wedding band.

When you are in love with the Bridegroom.
Because He is consumed with desire for His bride.

Like a deer pants for water.
So my soul thirsts for you, Oh God.




  1. "His scars read like the inside of a wedding band." Stunning. I loved Him like this once upon a time. Longing to find my way back there. You give me hope.

  2. Beautiful words! So, so true! Thank you so much for sharing!