Saturday, September 8, 2012

She Flys

How can you fly when you're afraid?

How can you leave a house full of children?

How do you spread weak wings and have faith just bare enough to lift off?

Isn't this it?

Isn't this the leaping out of nest and out into wide and holding sky?

And isn't what holds you all their prayers?

All their saying, "Go!"

And the one who says, "I'm really, really proud of you?"

Doesn't she hold your heart close and careful?

And don't you find yourself resting just a bit?

Because this is different...

It's not getting smashed and falling dead weight backward onto the hands of strangers anymore.

It's falling alright, but...

Falling right back into the arms of the Body of Christ, and always the possibility that you're going to get your heart smashed anyway.

But for this...

Those arms belong to the Everlasting One.

Your raised hands bearing this one life along.


You are the Everlasting arms of God around me.

All around me.

And the wind rushing to meet this wholly trembling heart?

So much wind that all I can do.

All I can really do now...

Is fly,



  1. Dear, dear R...thank you for always seeming to pop by when I'm least expecting it and most needing it. Encourager and Precious one.

    I love you.


  2. So beautiful! "Wholly trembling heart" - yes! But the flying - oh, the flying! Thank you so much for sharing this!

    1. Mary! I missed you while I was away! :)

  3. I am learning this, too--that the Body is a representation of Christ. And when we can't find God? We fall on the Arms of the Body and find that we've fallen into Him. Praying for you to soar this week, Friend.

    1. Oh...the Body of Christ. So much to learn much of the truth twisted in my own much to overcome. Thank you that you are learning this too? Thank you that you are falling too? Falling. Free falling. Friend, how grateful I have been to fall so oft into your embrace of grace. You are a gift to me.

      Yea that's right. A GIFT I say!

      Love you.