Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You Understand

"Great is our Lord, and of great power: His understanding is infinite."  Psalm 147:5

You understand.
You hold my hand.
And rock me soft.

When the Father feels hard.

When it all looks upside down.
And all I can see is His back.
A Father's face turned away and...
A girl in there somewhere wondering if He'll ever turn around.
Smile at her?
Reach His arms out to lift her high on His shoulders?

Jesus you understand.
Your Father turned His back away.
And as you bore our sin on the cross, was that not the worst?

A Father Who turned His heart away?

Thank You that You understand.
That being on the ground is the highest ground.
That I can see things more clearly here.
That I think I can give you more of my life because...
The only thing I bring to the table is brokenness.

But didn't you change the world hanging broken?

It seems to me that now, perhaps now.
I can put trying away.
And just be.

Just be me,



  1. I love this Bernadette! We should all put trying away and just be!

  2. "...all I can see is His back." Oh, have I felt this, too! Thank you for the reminder that God turned His back on Jesus, too, that Our Savior really does understand the pain of being abandoned. Waiting with you for His face to turn back to us.

  3. such a comfort to be in the waiting room with you. :)