Monday, September 17, 2012



That the dragon of terror has been slain.
For the well of peace that resides there now.
Just that I went, you know?  I made it through.
For my fella yellas and this love I have for them.
That I miss them even now.
For victory in pools of sweat and the tears that gather under... which chin?
For men who stand for righteousness and for what is good and God.
For real men in the world.
For lions that stalk in the day.
That God uses the weak things to confuse the wise.
For her face there on the pillow just listening.
For the army she's amassing in the Kingdom.
For this sense of hope that we're taking back some serious ground.
For all of them gathering at the bottom of the steps at the airport.
For the Children in my Arms, and for the arms that held them while I was away.
That we've all grown somehow.
For the sound of music, their chatter, on the ride home...
Sweet Home.




  1. terror has been slain....the well of peace that resides there now.

    Yes. My heart today. Swimming helped bring the peace back for me. I don't allow fear in the pool with me.
    And I've been so afraid,[plus hormones, yay(:]
    but your words are my heart now.

    1. I will be praying for you, R. That you would never, ever be afraid again. Will you pray for me as well? Swimming? Really? Good for you!
      The Lord bless your dear heart today.

  2. Oh, Friend...what joy to hear your voice here again. You've been on my heart all week long and I've been praying for peace and courage. To hear that the dragon's been slain? So grateful. And you home safe, in the happy arms of your children? My heart is full.

    1. Courtney...

      Oh. Just so much to say. THANK YOU that I got to come home to your card and your words and your big, big heart for me. You are with me here and now, and I am carrying you all through the house in my prayers this morning. I love you so, friend. I so love you.

  3. Bernadette,

    It's so good to meet you! Thank you for stopping by and saying "hello" on my blog! I love your list here...beautiful words. Glad to meet another sister in the Lord.