Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting Ready

Oh, God, You are good.
Worthy of Praise.
Lover of all souls.
This soul.  Mine.
Trace your face, Lord.
With my fingers.
Washed whiter by You.
Your blood.
Your promise that You will never leave.
Never forsake.
Makes me...not brave.
But wanting to do brave things.
Your love spurs me on, Oh God.
To action.  To love.  To change.
To repentance.
With all that I am.
I need the Potter's hands.
On me.  On my life.
Your hands, Jesus.
Shaping.  Even in all that smashing.
Remaking.  Making me something useful.
My heart in Your hands, Lord.
So uncomfortable sometimes.
Reaching for You.
Give me grace to trust You more.
Even as You say,
Strap my armour on.
Hold fast to that one weapon.
Your Word.
My Only Hope.

Yes, Sir!


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