Monday, June 13, 2011

Love Story

Thank You, Lord, that Your mercies are new each morning.  Even the earth knows.  Pulls on a fresh summer flowers dance the pattern on lush green.  Last night we watched the wind blow through the long grass in the back pasture.  Waves and waves of grass.  Waving praise to the King.  Waiting for Him too.  So much beauty.  This God of ours, full of creative genius.  I want to bow and kiss His feet for all of this.  Loveliness.

Oh, to kiss the feet of Jesus.  To wash his feet with my tears.  Dry them with my hair, falling out.  To bless His heart???   He knows that I love Him this way, and it seems impossible.   To sit with Him.  Be with Him.  Just be near to Him.  Sweet aroma of Christ filling my senses.  I don't know quite how to say this, but, He is so glad! This kind of intimacy with Him is why he died.  So we could be close.  All the time.  That long "to do" list crossed off by the cross and written down in the greatest, most accurate history book in the world.  "DONE!".

His love is overwhelming!  How can this broken, fallen vessel take it all in?   He is an intimate God, desiring.  To be close.  To me.  To us.  To you.  This God is crazy!  Passionate about having a passionate relationship with us.  I sit here shaking my head.  I'll never, EVER, get over it.  How He wipes our slates clean...then goes about pulling us up into His lap so we can rest our heads right there on His heart.  How He never stops cleaning us up.  Setting us free.  How His voice continues to boom across the land, "LET MY PEOPLE GO!".

This is the heart of God for us.  He is for us.  Who then, can stand against?  This love?  His love?

So Pure,


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